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Walk Around Town - travel the streets of Annapolis with us visiting historic neighborhoods or just spend some time exploring the many popular areas of the city. CLICK HERE


On the Water - life and the scenes around the water are an integral part of what makes Annapolis so unique. See all of the different types of sail boats in the harbor and on the Severn heading out to the Chesapeake Bay. There are kayakers, sail boats as well as power boats constantly plying the waterways of Annapolis.


People in the City - a politician once said that Annapolis is people, water and history. See the people who live and visit Annapolis as they enjoy all that the area has to offer.


Annapolis Sites & History - as to history Annapolis has many historic places from the Sands House, dating back to the early 1600's, to government buildings from colonial times. You do not have to be a history buff to appreciate the architectural significance and presence that these sites project.


Events Seasons & Holidays - Fireworks on the Harbor, decorated boats circling around the Eastport bridge during Christmas as well as the Burning of the Socks Annapolis has a special way of celebrating almost any occasion. The city enjoys 4 distinct seasons and has a different personality for each to see. CLICK HERE  


Homes & Gardens - the homes and gardens of Annapolis represent such a cross section of styles, periods and size. HGTV is missing an opportunity by not having a special on the homes of Annapolis.


Merchants Taverns & Eateries - dogs leashed up to a parking meter in front of a coffee shop as the owner sips their coffee by the City Dock, the elegance of the Treaty of Paris Restaurant or the atmosphere of Cafe Normandie. Then there are the galleries on West Street and boutiques on Main Street. Restaurants, distinct retail merchants and water front taverns are all part of the Annapolis scene.


Views of the City & Nature - one can sit on a bench at Horn Point park and watch the gulls fly above the water or stand at the top of Main Street and see the sail boats in the harbor with the Bay Bridge serving as a backdrop. The views of Annapolis are inspiring and a wonder to behold.

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