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A Walk Among the Historic Houses on Prince George Street in Annapolis Maryland

The variety of historic houses on Prince George Street represent almost every style of Colonial, Federal and Victorian architecture found in Annapolis today. Here on this one street one can view as well as tour the Sands House, built in 1700, representing the oldest frame style house still existing in Annapolis. Further up Prince George Street one finds the William Paca House and Gardens, operated by the Historic Annapolis Foundation, who have preserved this building in a most impeccable manner and have made it available for public tours. Many examples of the Vernacular-Annapolis Federal style of houses can be found here as well in an abundant variety of outside finishes and building details. In addition to the number of historic houses fpund here Prince George Street is also home to three Historic Inns representing again the Colonial, Federal and Victorian style of archecture. Possibly one of the oldest houses still in use as a residence in Annapolis can be found at the John Brice II house across from the William Paca House. As a crossroads of vintage architectural styles Prince George Street makes a great place to enjoy a leisurely walk in Annapolis at almost any time of year as well as a place to experience such a significant number of historic houses.

There are two types of ways to take our tour of historic houses on Prince George Street in Annapolis:

The first type of tour that we offer simply requires you the visitor to continue to scroll down this web page and view the pictures of the houses presented to you, along with their background information, one picture at a time top to bottom. By clicking on the smaller sized photograph that you see in a two by two arrangement on this page your web browser will open another web page with thelarger picture of that house for you to view.

The second type of photo tour that we have here is a photographic slide show format that is found near the bottom of this web page. The pictures in this slide show will scroll across your existing web page browser in a pre-programmed street number sequence at 6 seconds per photograph and then repeat itself.

We hope that you enjoy your visit to the historic houses on Prince George Street in Annapolis.

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