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Annapolis offers a eclectic selection of places to dine, enjoy a drink, glass of wine or a cup of coffee. Our capital city on the Chesapeake Bay is also known for it's local seafood dishes including crab cakes and oysters prepared in a distinctive Maryland way. Annapolis also shows its Southern influences through Poultry dishes like Fried Chicken or our always popular Chicken Chesapeake.

So if you looking to enjoy a great meal or just want a nice glass/cup of something to relax with Annapolis offers her visitors a wide selection of establishments to do just that.

The Food, Drink and Cuisine section of Annapolis Experience focuses on all aspects of food and drink including Annapolis style cooking and cuisine. In addition we have a recipe area in which you will find dishes from the basic to the creative all with a touch of Annapolis in them.


Cafes, Deli's and Restaurants

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Annapolis Cuisine & Recipes

Recipes with a touch of Annapolis - Click Here

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