Events, Seaons & the Holidays In Annapolis


Events in Annapolis - Annapolis is the scene of many types of events through out the year. The earliest outdoor celebrations and community events begin with the Green Beer Races at the Eastport Democratic Club which two weeks later is followed by the the Burning of the Socks party to celebrate the end of winter in Annapolis. Yes we burn our socks like the old seamen did to mark the end of winter and the arrival of warm weather. Art and Food Festivals, neighborhood street parties, musical concerts, ethnic festivals and the national Sailboat and Power Boat show are just some of events held in our Capital City every year. It is right here that share with you our memories and images from these decidely Annapolis events.  CLICK HERE


Seasons in Annapolis - Annapolis is located in the Mid-Atlantic region and allows our citizens and visitors alike to enjoy the four distinct seasons - although our favorites are the warmer ones when we can enjoy the outdoors and the water, each season brings out the beauty and distinctiveness of our city. So whether it is snow on the brick walkways of the City Dock or the leaves blowing across Prince George Street to the Sailboats "heeling" out on the Severn nature has truly blessed our city. See our images of the seasons of Annapolis.  CLICK HERE


The Holidays in Annapolis - Millions of visitors come to Annapolis every year but during the holiday's our city can seem like the center of the universe. The holiday season always starts with the New Years fireworks festivities then a few months later Annapolis puts on the Green for St. Patrick's Day - a holiday not to be missed for sure. Fourth of July celebrations along the harbor and neighboring "creeks" are packed with boats on the water and people along the shore. During Chrismas time we have our Parade of Boats, sponsored by the Eastport Yacht Club, where boats of all types navigate the waterways around the City Dock under the Eastport Bridge and then into Spa Creek decorated with holiday lights and images entering young and old. Here are are holiday images.  CLICK HERE

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