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About the Capistrano Barbershop


The Capistrano Barbershop on Maryland Avenue in Annapolis harkens back to the days of the old-fashioned barbershop that your father and/or grandfather went to years ago. Back then men, and sometimes their sons, went to the barbershop not just to get a haircut or a shave but to spend time and socialize with other men. They knew that the Barber would cut their hair just the way they wanted it cut because there was always a special relationship between a barber and his customer. The men who gathered at the shop and the barber would talk about things like sports, families as well as topics of a local variety. It was a social outing as well as the time to get a haircut and/or a shave. Now there is a barbershop in Annapolis with the same type of atmosphere as the one your father went to.


At the Capistrano Barbershop you will find comfortable chairs to sit in while you read an interesting publication as yourself and other men converse with Faraj about a variety of topics of the day. As you wait for your haircut or straight edge shave perhaps you can relax and gaze out the large front shop window on to Maryland Avenue as Annapolitans, politicians and visitors dart into the nearby shops and cafes.
Master Barber Faraj Capistrano provides his customers with professional hair cuts ranging in style from the classic to the newer contemporary ones as well as beard trimmings and straight edge shaves.
In addition to his 20+ years experience cutting hair Faraj is also an experienced at giving professional straight edge shaves to his clientele. Come sit in one of the shop's comfortable barber chairs, enjoy the feel of warm lather and then the smoothness of a sharp straight edge razor on your face. Relax with a warm soft towel on your face and finally let Faraj apply his favorite old world style shaving lotion that projects, well a feeling of manliness. as it soothes you skin. A good close straight edge shave is now something that you can treat yourself to any time that you want to and it is right here in the shadow of the State Capital at 54 Maryland Avenue in Annapolis.
We welcome you to come try Faraj's Capistrano Barbershop in Annapolis and experience a new yet classic way of getting a great haircut and/or a shave.

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Everything inside of the Capistrano Barbershop evokes a feeling of a traditional barbershop yet exudes the ambiance of a thoroughly modern establishment where men come to be serviced and respected as men. Owner and Master Barber Faraj Capistrano designed his Barbershop in Annapolis with both a taste for the nostalgic yet one that projects a modern flair as well.


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Master Barber Faraj giving Drew his first straight edge razor shave on Friday July 15th 2011. A great old-fashioned straight shave begins with preparing the face using both lather and heated towels.  See how to get a straight edge shave in Annapolis.

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